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Our office is open from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and you can reach us at 263-8417, extension 3046. The Civil Division is comprised of a supervisor, two civil deputies, one in the office and one in the field. We serve papers generated from the Courts and also for private parties. Our fee to serve a paper is $50.00 plus $.40 per mile (after the first 25 miles, one way), depending on the type of document (from the Sheriff's Office) A fee schedule is posted in our lobby and can be viewed by clicking here: Civil Fee Schedule.


Q:   What types of cases are civil cases?
A:    There are many type of civil cases.  The more common cases are: divorce, child support, custody and visitation and division of the marital property.  Contracts – disputes over an agreement usually for the payment of money for services or goods.  Personal injury – actions to recover damages (money) for injuries sustained due to someone else’s fault.  There are also Notices, Orders, and Summons & Complaints.
Q:   What types of cases are served by the Bonner County Sheriff’s Office?
A:    The Bonner County Sheriff’s Office does not typically serve divorce, small claims or civil subpoena notices.  Residents must first attempt to have service completed utilizing a private process server.  A list of private process servers is available from the office by calling 263-8417, ext. 3046.

Q:   What does it cost to file a case?
A:    Court costs vary depending upon which division you file the action in.  You can contact the Clerk of the Court’s Office at (208) 265-1432 for the current cost of court fees.  You may have to pay additional fees besides court costs.  These include service fees that are paid to the Sheriff.  Sheriff’s fees in Bonner County are $50.00 per paper, an additional fee of $25.00 to return the paper, plus mileage, payable to the Bonner County Sheriff’s Office.

The Civil Division also collects unpaid personal property taxes for the County. We work closely with the Bonner County Treasurer's Office to accomplish this.

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