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All sailboats and motorboats must be numbered and registered. (A "motorboat" is a mechanically propelled boat using fuel or electricity.)

Boats that do NOT have to be numbered or registered include boats propelled manually (rafts, kayaks, canoes, etc., without a motor) sailboards, documented vessels, float tubes and boats properly numbered and registered in another state which are using Idaho waters for 60 consecutive days or less.


Motor vehicle licensing in Sandpoint, Priest River or selected vendors call (208) 265-1430 For more information (Bonner County MVD). 
For more information please visit

What Are My Boat Registration Dollars Used For?

When you register your boat, you will be asked to designate up to two counties as your primary boating locations.  A portion of these fees are then "ear-marked" and will be given to the counties you have designated, which will be used for recreational boating services and facilities.

Do Out-of-State Boaters Have to Register?

If their boat is registered in their home state they are allowed to boat in Idaho for up to 60 days without registering.

Registration Fees!

  • Boats 0 -12 feet in length - $31.50
  • Boats over 12 feet in length - $31.50 plus $2/foot over 12 feet


How Do I Attach My Registration Number and Validation Stickers?

You must paint or permanently attach your registration number on each side of the forward half (bow) of the boat. Registration numbers must be vertical block characters at least 3 inches tall and read from left to right. Their color must contrast with the background and be distinctly visible and legible. A hyphen or space equal to letter width must separate letter and numeral groups (example: ID-1234-AA or ID 1234 AA). No other number may be displayed on the bow.

Attach the validation stickers securely to each side of the bow, within 6 inches and directly in line with the boat's registration numbers. Expired stickers must be removed from your boat.

Canadian Boater Information

Things to remember if you will be boating in Idaho .

  • Boaters from Canada must display their License numbers (registration numbers) on the bow of their boats and have a copy of their license issued by the Minister of Fisheries and Oceans on board. .
  • Type IV Cushoin
  • Display on the port side immediately after the License number an Idaho Invasive Species Fund (ISF) Sticker (See Frequently Asked Questions, Idaho Invasive Species Law) .
  • In addition to the safety equipment require by Canadian authorities, the United States Coast Guard requires boaters the carry a Type IV throw able.

A red or orange skier-down flag is also required and must be properly displayed if a towed person has become separated from the tow line.


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